Saturday ….




In no particular order:

1. fluffy wuffy says “stay hydrated” 

2. the current weather (if you can’t be phaffed opening the link 36 today, 41 tomorrow … just all out nasty really)& i’m-not-a-big-fan-of-it

3. should maybe have been a baker – at least you’d be home earlyish before the real heat in the afternoon … unless of course you had to ‘man the shop’ 

4. i wonder if the apartment therapy showhomes really live like that all the time …. #they-can’t-be-living-with-furry-beasts-who-are-shedding-all-their-hair-in-this-heat

5. the freezer has been stocked with Connoissur vanilla and maggie beer burnt fig ice cream

6. to counterbalance all that ice cream I stocked up on peaches and blueberries at Toscano’s 

7. i am now hunkering down avoiding the heat, eating ice cream and knitting and maybe playing on Pinterest as well 


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