This week I ….


1. have worked way too many hours (and then  I read looking after yourself on Sarah Wilson’s blog today …. #wake-up)

2. spent some time hanging out with my peeps who don’t clear a metre in height yet #love-dem-bubba’s




(this was sitting outside the library because somebody, not-naming-any-names-wearing-pink-shoes, insisted on going to storytime way before the library even opened)

3. had fish and chips for dinner …. #delicious 

4. had a houseguest to stay – go check out her shop on etsy

5. realised I need to not work at all this weekend no matter how much is still left on the desk on friday 

Happy almost weekend! 


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Loving Right Now ….


1. these cute pink multipurpose bowls – I’m using the smaller size for breakfast and the bigger for dinner.  There’s also a plate and a mug and a smaller bowl – but there’s no link for the smaller one on the website so I think you may need to go into store for that one (the range also comes in blue, yellow and green);

2. coveting dress; and 

3. This pendant and this one;

4. Reading this book;

5. wondering about buying this throw – love the colour (I think … and its on sale … double love for that!); 

6. Organic fruit and veg – ordered online here;

7. Madelaine’s organic eggs (she is also raising funds for an egg cleaning / grading machine … here);

8. Time to “spring” clean – get some hints here;

9. Reading – 5 reasons why you should start writing morning pages right now (stemming from The Artists Way by Julia Cameron);

10. Wanting to cook – Pecan Pie Bars;

11. Hearing good things about – My Darling Lemon Thyme cookbook;

12. Loving this soap dispenser – you save on liquid soap because you add water and the soap dispenser turns it into a foam (hard to explain … buy one, its fab); 

13. Cook this quinoa-salad-with-asparagus-peas-avocado-lemon-basil-dressing – but use millet instead of quinoa (also add in any green veg you feel like mine got some slightly steamed broccoli and green beans and no asparagus because its not in season in Australia right now); and finally 

14. Loving this little rascal sleeping on my feet at night keeping them warm …. its like a personal hot water bottle service 🙂




What are you loving right now? 

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Jimmy Fallon vs Paul Rudd “You’d better be good to me”

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Weekend flowers


= weekend happiness 

Excuse the bad iphone photo …. they’re much prettier in reality 





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Saturday ….




In no particular order:

1. fluffy wuffy says “stay hydrated” 

2. the current weather (if you can’t be phaffed opening the link 36 today, 41 tomorrow … just all out nasty really)& i’m-not-a-big-fan-of-it

3. should maybe have been a baker – at least you’d be home earlyish before the real heat in the afternoon … unless of course you had to ‘man the shop’ 

4. i wonder if the apartment therapy showhomes really live like that all the time …. #they-can’t-be-living-with-furry-beasts-who-are-shedding-all-their-hair-in-this-heat

5. the freezer has been stocked with Connoissur vanilla and maggie beer burnt fig ice cream

6. to counterbalance all that ice cream I stocked up on peaches and blueberries at Toscano’s 

7. i am now hunkering down avoiding the heat, eating ice cream and knitting and maybe playing on Pinterest as well 


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Wednesday night roundup and new friend/s …. yet to arrive


What’s been happening in the ‘hood?

Well a friend is expecting again so this:



will turn into a stripey baby rug like this.  

The cat distinctly does not like the hot weather and would like it to be over N O W!  I’m so with the fuzzy wuzzy on that one! 

Current product love … this scarf (although I dont think it fits the ‘ethical’ fashion category … i.e most likely made in a factory somewhere with unknown working conditions); and  

These “flip flops” which I’m told support a great cause 

Eating: This lentil salad … with a chunk of goats cheese on top 

Loving: reading about Smiling Mind 

Their website is here and you can download the meditation app for free here.  They say its for the “youth” but really I think its for anyone.  

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps 

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Apartment Therapy – January Cure is back …..

Day 1 of the January Cure 2014 people … not too late to sign up!

I’d suggest you go and read this while you procrastinate about whether or not you’ll sign up …… actually you should just go and read it now!

Jorth has also posted her January Menu Plan so if you’re looking for some new recipes maybe pop on over there and have a read.

If my last post has inspired you to seek out some ethical fashion maybe have a look at this site found via Pip‘s new facebook page for ethical fashion.

Until next time here’s a gratuitous flower shot (from a neighbouring garden … no idea what it is but I love it and … unfortunately the cutting that miraculously jumped from the plant into my hands didn’t take …)


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Don’t look back ….. You’re not going that way ….. Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

Hello from the end of the year,

I’ve reconnected the internet …. time will tell if I think hooking back up to the cyber world is a good idea or not 🙂

This post is brought to you courtesy of  Capi tonic water with a dash of Tanqueray …. actually those beverages are self funded (prospective sponsors you’d be very welcome) but I’m painting the picture for you ….

Aforementioned drink is “up high” since fluffy wuffy the fuzzy wuzzy, not only likes to lounge on a freshly made bed …. yes it appears that cats also like clean, fresh, newly laundered sheets,


but homeboy has also been sprung dipping a paw into a G & T and then licking his paw  (*** I  S W E A R  he came to no harm ….. There is no need to call the animal protection ***)

Drinks for the humans, are however, now kept “up high”!

2013 for me will go down as a fairly ‘meh’ year for many, many reasons.  For those same many, many reasons I’m hoping that 2014 is a much better year!

There’s been some eating out (cannot remember where this was … I remember that it was delicious though)


Some knitting for new little peeps (both the rug and the pants … patterns from books from the library …. really should have taken note of who the designer was but I didn’t).  Furry beast is a big fan of this activity …..


So what’s in store for 2014?

Maybe I’ll come up with some ideas are reading this and this?

I’ve noticed that more and more is being written on ethical fashion … Pip is challenging us to a Year of Ethical Fashion  in 2014 (buy from ethical makers, buy second hand, borrow from your mates, make it yourself).

I’m already the kind of person who really really really really really really really (are you getting the picture) likes to buy Australian made … not just clothes but food, homewares … whatever it is I need, I have a very strong preference for locally made.

I somehow hope that buying Australian made will keep employment here and support our local community and hopefully, ensure that I’m not supporting businesses that aren’t treating their employees well or businesses that are not paying a fair wage (and yes I know that term has a lot of different meanings depending on who you talk to).

Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of love in me for international products  …… and I don’t think there’s sense in only buying Australian.

I’m wondering though how you balance the tension between economics and ethical?  There’s undoutably an issue because if you’re working in a job paying the *minimum wage or on the **age pension  or on the ***unemployment allowance which are:

*Currently $622.20 per week
** Currently approximately $375 per week without any supplements
*** Currently approximately $250 per week as a single with no children

then I think you would really appreciate being able to buy cheap and affordable clothing.  I can’t imagine that those weekly amounts leave you much for clothing after you’ve paid rent and other bills.

That cheap clothing shouldn’t literally cost workers their lives though.

Its a hard question because not everyone sews, not everyone can afford the fashion that is, by virtue of being made in Australia or somewhere where a living wage is paid, more expensive.

I leave you with no answers but a sincere hope that you’ll think about where your clothes come from and who has made them and whether or not that person was paid fairly, adequately, handsomely even!

Hopefully we can all take a few steps in the direction of ethical fashion this year.

On a whole other note, at certain times this amazing crew (raising funds for the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin) put out the call for knitted shawls for the women who come to the fistula clinic.  As it happens they’re oversupplied right now but if you’re a slow knitter you could start now to send it to them later or they are going to start selling the handknits to fund the work in Africa.

My wishlist for 2014 in no particular order:

– more fun
– more organised (on so many levels)
– healthier (and I’m using that to encompass personal health, the health of the planet, the health of our community …. )

Take care peeps, x


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Weekend, Winston Churchill, Creativity, Smiling Minds, Fierceness …


Random gratuitous photo of fluffy wuffy trying to ‘help’ blog … the photo doesn’t show that his paw keeps shooting out trying to “get” my hands because they’re moving.  



Weekends …. there’s a whole lot of people who wait for the weekends as though life is only really lived then.  Is it because when you add in commute time and time at work, there is no time at the end of each weekday?  

Do we need to jolt our brain into thinking other ways

Should we all become Zebras?  (For an individual its $5 a month and you get an email a day, 5 videos and access to content on the website)

Do any of us take time to do things like this anymore – apart from Joy the Baker

Maybe its time for a vision board – like this.  You can go here for some supplies to start you off. 

Should we all watch Finding Joe …. will it help us all on our heroes journey? Head over here to buy or rent it from Itunes. 

Or meditating more … trying Smiling Mind … don’t you just love the name and truly doesn’t it make your mind want to smile?  

Are there really only 9 rules for success and are these really them? 

During the Second World War it’s reported that the the finance minister recommended to Winston Churchill that funding to the arts be cut to direct more money towards the war effort.  Winston is reputed to have responded with 

 then what are we fighting for?

I wonder if our current politicians even think about what they should be fighting for and what they should be doing to build a better Australia?  

How many of us conduct our own ‘annual review‘?  

Are you Fierce with your time? 

Around here this weekend I’ll be

– visiting the Dr for more antibiotics for another bout of sinusitis because unfortunately every remedy I’ve thrown at it so far hasn’t shifted it 🙂 

– planting some more daffodil bulbs … still time to order some if you haven’t ordered yours yet (I’ve only got a few left to go in and yes its getting very late to be planting spring bulbs!) 

– sitting on the couch listening to the rain which has already started and will hopefully continue! 

Have a great weekend peeps xx

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28 May 2013 … really? Random Ruminations ….

This is a rose … it was a rainy day … I love how this photo turned out!

It’s been a thorny year so far … maybe one day I’ll spill all my angst out to you but in the meantime enjoy the rose …. its far prettier than this year has been!



If you live in Melbourne and you’d like a free lemon tree go and visit this site for details.

Here’s a recipe for when your tree starts to fruit.

Go here if you’re looking for some funding for a project.

Loving the fairphone crowd fund raiser … they need pre-orders for 5000 phones to go into production go and visit their site please?

When you have an abundance of beetroot don’t be fooled by the food bloggers who say it “adds” to chocolate cake … all it adds is a pain-in-the-tush experience of getting incredibly red hands and hands down a regular chocolate cake wins every time!

From the Sydney Morning Herald – the F… Word …. Feminism that is – thoughts from some women.

I helped out at a stall at Markit on the weekend and these gorgeous chicks were there selling fabulous dresses ….

So having seen them in person I totally recommend them, but there is a tiny little catch to quote the gorgeous chick who served me

“all of you will fit into that dress except your boobs”

hmm, well, that would be a slight problem then wouldn’t it!

SO the dresses are not exactly for the shall we say, well-ish endowed 🙂 but they’re really beautiful so if all of you plus your boobs will fit into one of them I say go buy!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps x

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