Loving Right Now ….


1. these cute pink multipurpose bowls – I’m using the smaller size for breakfast and the bigger for dinner.  There’s also a plate and a mug and a smaller bowl – but there’s no link for the smaller one on the website so I think you may need to go into store for that one (the range also comes in blue, yellow and green);

2. coveting dress; and 

3. This pendant and this one;

4. Reading this book;

5. wondering about buying this throw – love the colour (I think … and its on sale … double love for that!); 

6. Organic fruit and veg – ordered online here;

7. Madelaine’s organic eggs (she is also raising funds for an egg cleaning / grading machine … here);

8. Time to “spring” clean – get some hints here;

9. Reading – 5 reasons why you should start writing morning pages right now (stemming from The Artists Way by Julia Cameron);

10. Wanting to cook – Pecan Pie Bars;

11. Hearing good things about – My Darling Lemon Thyme cookbook;

12. Loving this soap dispenser – you save on liquid soap because you add water and the soap dispenser turns it into a foam (hard to explain … buy one, its fab); 

13. Cook this quinoa-salad-with-asparagus-peas-avocado-lemon-basil-dressing – but use millet instead of quinoa (also add in any green veg you feel like mine got some slightly steamed broccoli and green beans and no asparagus because its not in season in Australia right now); and finally 

14. Loving this little rascal sleeping on my feet at night keeping them warm …. its like a personal hot water bottle service 🙂




What are you loving right now? 

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