Wednesday night roundup and new friend/s …. yet to arrive


What’s been happening in the ‘hood?

Well a friend is expecting again so this:



will turn into a stripey baby rug like this.  

The cat distinctly does not like the hot weather and would like it to be over N O W!  I’m so with the fuzzy wuzzy on that one! 

Current product love … this scarf (although I dont think it fits the ‘ethical’ fashion category … i.e most likely made in a factory somewhere with unknown working conditions); and  

These “flip flops” which I’m told support a great cause 

Eating: This lentil salad … with a chunk of goats cheese on top 

Loving: reading about Smiling Mind 

Their website is here and you can download the meditation app for free here.  They say its for the “youth” but really I think its for anyone.  

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps 

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