About us

Hello there and welcome to my blog – Saturday Mornings In Melbourne.

I’m Anne and I originally set up a blog to share my Saturday mornings with you – but its evolving along the way and its no longer just focused on Saturday Morning in Melbourne.  There may be a picture and some words or maybe just one or the other.

I love shoes, handbags, cake, books, fabric and the fabulous city that I live in – Its cafes, parks, architecture, beaches, my itty bitty tiny little veggie patch, my gorgeous big little brother and my godson and friends and their cute little people and family who live here.  I think that two of the best feelings in the world come when you hand your passport over to the customs person and when you sink back into your seat in the plane (wishing it was in the pointy section of the plane …).

I have more vintage china and tablecloths than one girl could possibly need.   I love to take photographs and use words and I’m hoping this blog will provide an outlet for both.


3 Responses to About us

  1. Lisa says:

    This is the best blog I have ever read! And even though Anne knows that I admit to not being a blogger, it is still the best blog! I love your photos and how your personalities shine through your words. I also love the tips, insights and references, and especially since I no longer live in Melbourne, it’s a good way to feel a connection with what’s happening in your marvellous city.

  2. lucy says:

    What an amazing blog Anne. Your appreciation for life is evident and your inquiring, reflective and optimistic mind is evident. Your love on antiques and vintage items is something I also share. I found your blog a pleasure to read. Have you seen Julie and Julia. One of my favourite movies- I know you would love it.
    I had to smile when I heard you had recently attended the scand. Festival and Magnolia square. The school I work at is off Glenferrie rd and a couple of months ago I had a leisurely lunch at Magnolia square (malvern town hall). I met Shannon from Rabbit and Duck and thought of you and your business. She also has a blog. Love to hear how business is progressing.

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