Weekend, Winston Churchill, Creativity, Smiling Minds, Fierceness …


Random gratuitous photo of fluffy wuffy trying to ‘help’ blog … the photo doesn’t show that his paw keeps shooting out trying to “get” my hands because they’re moving.  



Weekends …. there’s a whole lot of people who wait for the weekends as though life is only really lived then.  Is it because when you add in commute time and time at work, there is no time at the end of each weekday?  

Do we need to jolt our brain into thinking other ways

Should we all become Zebras?  (For an individual its $5 a month and you get an email a day, 5 videos and access to content on the website)

Do any of us take time to do things like this anymore – apart from Joy the Baker

Maybe its time for a vision board – like this.  You can go here for some supplies to start you off. 

Should we all watch Finding Joe …. will it help us all on our heroes journey? Head over here to buy or rent it from Itunes. 

Or meditating more … trying Smiling Mind … don’t you just love the name and truly doesn’t it make your mind want to smile?  

Are there really only 9 rules for success and are these really them? 

During the Second World War it’s reported that the the finance minister recommended to Winston Churchill that funding to the arts be cut to direct more money towards the war effort.  Winston is reputed to have responded with 

 then what are we fighting for?

I wonder if our current politicians even think about what they should be fighting for and what they should be doing to build a better Australia?  

How many of us conduct our own ‘annual review‘?  

Are you Fierce with your time? 

Around here this weekend I’ll be

– visiting the Dr for more antibiotics for another bout of sinusitis because unfortunately every remedy I’ve thrown at it so far hasn’t shifted it 🙂 

– planting some more daffodil bulbs … still time to order some if you haven’t ordered yours yet (I’ve only got a few left to go in and yes its getting very late to be planting spring bulbs!) 

– sitting on the couch listening to the rain which has already started and will hopefully continue! 

Have a great weekend peeps xx

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