28 May 2013 … really? Random Ruminations ….

This is a rose … it was a rainy day … I love how this photo turned out!

It’s been a thorny year so far … maybe one day I’ll spill all my angst out to you but in the meantime enjoy the rose …. its far prettier than this year has been!



If you live in Melbourne and you’d like a free lemon tree go and visit this site for details.

Here’s a recipe for when your tree starts to fruit.

Go here if you’re looking for some funding for a project.

Loving the fairphone crowd fund raiser … they need pre-orders for 5000 phones to go into production go and visit their site please?

When you have an abundance of beetroot don’t be fooled by the food bloggers who say it “adds” to chocolate cake … all it adds is a pain-in-the-tush experience of getting incredibly red hands and hands down a regular chocolate cake wins every time!

From the Sydney Morning Herald – the F… Word …. Feminism that is – thoughts from some women.

I helped out at a stall at Markit on the weekend and these gorgeous chicks were there selling fabulous dresses ….

So having seen them in person I totally recommend them, but there is a tiny little catch to quote the gorgeous chick who served me

“all of you will fit into that dress except your boobs”

hmm, well, that would be a slight problem then wouldn’t it!

SO the dresses are not exactly for the shall we say, well-ish endowed 🙂 but they’re really beautiful so if all of you plus your boobs will fit into one of them I say go buy!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps x

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