Update on Apartment Therapy Cure







A couple of days ago I told you that Monsieur Fluffy Wuffy and I were participating in the Apartment Therapy January Cure  …. here’s the update


Cleaning: Nil (well maybe 1/2)  

The update is that the furry one doesn’t seem to care for cleaning!  He is yet to pick up a cleaning implement … I’m just sayin’ 🙂 

In addition he actively takes steps to hinder the process … aka hiding in a clean bin while he watches the human clear up the christmas wrapping paper which is lying all over the floor along with a hefty amount of cat fur which he seemed to shed a bundle of in our recent hot weather 

Of course the bin wasn’t dry so it had to be washed again to get rid of all his fur …

He’s clearly not at risk of this!

I may be reduced to reading about other people’s attempts instead. 


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