January 2013 …. New Year New House …. Apartment Therapy Love


Happy New Year my www. peeps 

Apartment Therapy are running a January Cure to help us all lick our homes into shape for the coming year.  

If you click here you can sign up and get an email a day with a hint for re-organising your home.  

I’ve signed up and Mr Fluffy Wuffy and I are re-organising.  Mr Fluffy Wuffy isn’t so big on decluttering though – his new favourite toys are leftover scraps of christmas wrapping paper which he keeps chasing around the house … tinsel has been firmly put out of reach!  I only wish I had a photo of cat-meets-tinsel to put up …. lets just say the tinsel came off second best!

I’ve been reading Lucy Siegle’s To die for – is fashion wearing out the world and it, combined with Deluxe – How luxury lost its lustre by Dana Thomas  are really making me think about how the things we consume are produced.  

It makes me hanker for skills like these ladies:





and Myrtle and Eunice (I could keep going on and on because there’s a ton of fabulous sewing blogs out there in www. land).  

My challenge for the day is to stay away from Pinterest and go follow some tips from Apartment Therapy! 

I hope the New Year has started well for all. 





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