Food, Elgaar Farm & ordering online from Mercatus


This week with a forecast for inclement weather and a disinclination to shop I placed an order with Mercatus for the “weekly shop singles option” which costs $69 (delivery is free)

The box included




6 potatoes and

a head of broccoli





2 carrots

1 zucchini  and

2 onions (1 brown 1 red)






A bag of snow peas (I think its about 200 – 250g or so)






1/2 a cauliflower

1 red capsicum

1 bunch of broccolini

1 large fennel bulb







6 pink lady apples and

4 passionfruit







4 correla pears





One loaf of bread; and

from the butcher:

1 pork fillet
1 chicken breast
500g beef mince
1 salmon fillet and
4 x lamb fillet (circa 300g)

I also added yoghurt (apple, blueberry flavour) and milk from Elgar Farm.

Since I don’t usually cook with fennel I’m now on the lookout for fennel recipes 🙂 and I have no reason for not cooking creatively this week!

and now for a gratuitous cat shot (he thinks he’s about to take the car out for a spin and as winter has progressed he’s even fluffier than he was in this shot!  Fluffy Wuffy the Fuzzy Wuzzy is also teething (losing baby teeth and getting big teeth) and chewing and biting on everything …. the biting mostly directed at me …. what’s with that):




In local Melbourne news:

Craft cubed has started go here to download the program …. it runs until 1 September and there’s lots on including the Craft hatch market at 1000 £ Bend on 1 September 2012; and

go here for the Melbourne City Council listing of what’s on.

Have you been watching Dream Build on the ABC – it’s a series about people who have wanted to build their own house and achieved that desire.  The episodes are only about 15 minutes each and they feature both the owner and the architect talking about the project – You can watch the episodes on Iview – I’m loving it

Have a good week peeps,


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