Introducing Fuzzy Wuzzy



As you can see he does N O T smile on command for the camera.

Fuzzy Wuzzy the small furry beast has taken up residence.

He was adopted from Pet Rescue (via South Gippsland Animal Aid) after a rocky start being busted gutter crawling by the ranger with his four siblings and mother in the backstreets of Mirboo North when he was a week old – fortuitously for him he was rescued by Pet Rescue and then adopted by me!

The mum and his siblings were also adopted out …. just in case anyone was wondering.  I was, because from what they tell me the ranger was not exactly inclined to save the kitty cat and her litter.

It feels like a long time since I’ve been around in this space.

In a nutshell I’ve:-

(a) had major internet dramas with both phone and internet account being hacked (fight ongoing with service provider who claims I downloaded a ridiculous amount of data at a time when I was at work and wants to charge me a hideously large amount of money for data I D I D  N O T  D O W N L O A D!);

(b) lost the use of phone and internet account whilst stoushing with telecommunications provider (only reconnected after an absolute slanging match);

(c) adopted Fuzzy Wuzzy the small furry beast (no that’s not his real name but he’s shy and he wants to go incognito in the blogosphere…. can’t you tell that from the photo);

(d) “kitten” proofed the house …. heck who am I kidding the house is definitely not kitten proof and in a strange turn of events the kitten has found a hiding spot in my home that I don’t know about.  It goes like this – there’s two little toys Fuzzy Wuzzy loves – they bounce and they’ve got a little doovy-whacker on them that means he can carry them about by his mouth.  One is pink and one is green.  Sometimes the pink one is in circulation, sometimes the green – do you think I can ever find the other one …… No I cannot (and man I have tried … how can the kitten have a hiding spot in my house that I don’t know about – seriously how????).

(e) discovered that you can’t knit with a kitten in the house;

(f) realised that Fuzzy Wuzzy seems to think a tap of the nose (human) with a paw is an appropriate method for announcing its play time – at circa 2.45 am in the morning (there are times when its lucky he’s a cute lil critter).

In other news my work contract ends shortly so I’m looking for a new job in a crappy job market = stress.  So I’m hoping for a lot of change soon!

Have you ever watched the Gilmore Girls and seen the episode where Miss Patty is telling the children a story and then switches tack and asks them if they’d like to hear about the time when she danced with the Aga Khan in Paris in 1962 (well … something glamourous like that).

I was watching old episodes recently when sinusitus called for a couch day …. and that scene was in one of the episodes and it’s made me think about how you make sure you live an “interesting” life?

No conclusions reached yet!

On the cooking front this blog has a recipe for pomegranate molasses ribs.  I plan on cooking them sometime soon-ish and this.

I really like this concept and how the community can all contribute to help get projects off the ground.

I missed visiting this place on Melbourne Open House weekend – but its definitely on the agenda for next year.

So that’s it for now …. on the quest for interesting, on the hunt for a new job

Ciao for now from me and the Fuzzy Wuzzy


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One Response to Introducing Fuzzy Wuzzy

  1. Nomadic Tara says:

    Awwww, Fuzzy Wuzzy is adorable!

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