(thanks Melissa) which have now been transformed into marmalade …. Yum!  Although they looked so pretty that I was also seriously tempted to make them a fruit bowl display!

I read this article ……. still thinking about how much I agree or disagree….

My online wish list for the week includes:

this pop-up breakfast in bed table

This amazing felt brooch which I am seriously tempted to actually buy

This book (which I may or may not have mentioned before) which is the guide to op shops in Victoria …. how handy would that be!

I am about to read this book because my reservation has just come up at the library

I also discovered this blog which profiles Melburnians and I really recommend you pop over there and pay a visit.  It’s inspiring me to do some interviews of my own … If I could find some willing subjects to practise on.

Rhubarb is everywhere at the moment and I’m thinking this recipe from the fabulous Deb at Smitten Kitchen would probably be good eating

The Fabric Store and this online store are really inspiring me to learn-how-to-sew properly.

But now I need to go and do some ironing so that I have something to wear to work this week

Or maybe I could be frivilous and order one of these or these to save on ironing 🙂

Have a good week friends

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One Response to Cumquats…….

  1. Aunt Josefina says:

    talking of fabrics, does anyone know where I can find good muslin for wraps for a baby on its way ?

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