Strawberry Cheesecake Delight and a few other things


In amongst the current frantic here is a photo of my “Shoebox of Love” ready for sending off (well the scarf came off the needles) …. blueberry choc muesli bars,  m & m’s, lip balm (coz I love a good lip balm), echinacea for fighting off winter lurgies, goatsmilk soap and for the handmade piece

The scarf …. in yellow



I came across this recipe from Dinner with Julie for Strawberry Cheesecake – which you serve up individually in their own teeny tiny jars – they look great and I now really really really want an excuse to make a little cheesecake in a jar.

I love this blog – she pulls together some great outfits.

Go here for a little (or a lot) of shoe temptation.

I really want to read this book which is due out shortly.

Do you remember this little leek:




Well I planted it (and a couple of other cut off mates) in a pot that was about 25 – 30 cm deep.  It was planted near the bottom – it has now pushed its way through the surface.  So this experiment seems to be working.  Updated photo coming soon ….

In the meantime … the Camellia bush has started to flower.




It has a companion which is right by my front door which has red flowers – but it hasn’t flowered yet.  Along the fence there is a pink camellia and it is about to start flowering – which is making me very happy indeed!

I am feeling like a visit to this shop for some crafty fabric inspiration …. or maybe this one but instead I think maybe I need to source some cumquats and make marmalade.  I love cumquat marmalade.  Although they’re quite hard to source.

If you want to learn more about composting then this seminar is on this Saturday

If you are lucky enough to have free time during the week then go along to Morning Melodies – on 29 May they are teaming with the Australian Ballet School for a show.  The last performance I saw from the students of the Australian Ballet School was nothing short of brilliant and I really wish I could go along …. but it’s on a Tuesday which = a work day 😦

For some weekend fun head to Federation Square for “Cut Your Lunch” this Saturday.

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One Response to Strawberry Cheesecake Delight and a few other things

  1. Aunt Josefina says:

    what a camelia !! love the dark leaves : is the japonica or sasanqua ?

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