Daylesford Community Opshop and a chance to help another

A new community opshop opened in Daylesford recently.

I love a good opshop …. because you can find treasures (and they’re often ones that you weren’t expecting to find 🙂

The Daylesford Community Opshop has sent out this message:-

Wanted: Shoeboxes of Love... As some of us are warming and looking towards Winter, there are others in our Community not so keen about it, please consider making up a “care package” for another and it will be given to someone experiencing the dreary day, like living outside, beaten by bills, or just plain tired doing it alone… Care packages could contain such items for example as socks, gloves, scarves, “warm things”, “Feel good” things like coffee, chocolate, a special book… the list is endless…

Also seeking: Gumboots, blankets, warm clothing… thanks all Just drop them into the Community Op Shop 4 Albert Street, Daylesford…

I think this is a great idea and whilst I don’t live at all close by I’m planning on doing up a shoebox full of goodies and sending it to them at 4 Albert Street, Daylesford!

It’s given me a good excuse to pick up these

Knitting Needles








and start knitting this scarf in this yarn by Debbie Bliss.  (As an aside the pattern is really easy and has been knitting up really quickly).

It was wool that I had stashed away and it’s in a lemony buttery colour.  I don’t think the colour is in circulation anymore because the yellow on the website is darker.

I’m planning on putting the scarf, some chocolate, maybe a book or a magazine in my shoe box …… and I haven’t got further than that.  I’m trying to think of little things that would be useful (and light so that the postage doesn’t make this a prohibitive thing for me to do) and a treat or two  for the recipient.

The website that I got the scarf pattern from has matching fingerless gloves …. so that’s also an option if they knit up as quickly as the scarf.

Feel free to send me ideas 🙂

Obviously the oppie hasn’t disclosed details of who the recipients are so it’s hard to tailor the package.  I’m thinking about maybe $30 – $40 so that the recipient can rummage through the oppie and buy some clothes or things they need?

The weather has really started to turn in Melbourne and it’s been cold and rainy the last few days so I’m hoping to finish the scarf this weekend so that I can send my package off next Monday.

Anyway …. I thought I’d share so that if you are able to you can help them out with a few goodies as well.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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