Autumn, Pizza, Loureiro from Portugal and other happenings – 21 April 2012

I feel like we’re having the most fabulous Autumn.  The weather here in Melbourne has been so good over the last few weeks.  Sure there’s been some rain but there’s also been the most glorious sunshine which sinks right through to the soul and makes it all feel better even when some of the crappy bits of life are going on right around you.

It presents photo opportunities like this one:

Centre Place, Melbourne

which doesn’t really show you the fabulous weather but it does show you that the city is a bustlin’ with everyone out and about.

I took the photo looking down Centre Place from Flinders Lane.

Last night I went to Cumulus Inc after work for a drink with my buddy NV (from here on to be referred to as Smokey for various reasons which you probably don’t need to hear about 🙂 ) who has pointed out that I really need to carry around my camera more instead of subjecting my readers to really inferior i-phone photos!!!

We had some pizza at Tazio and then drank some Portuguese Loureiro …. delicious and I think it might be my new favourite type of wine.

The Organic Empire box this week looked like this:

What's in the box

Well actually it looks heaps better but again I’m giving you a bad iphone photo 😦

There’s a massive bunk of kale, lettuce, tomatoes, leek, potatoes, red grapes, apples, pears……. other stuff that I can’t remember and I’m being too lazy to walk over to the frig to check so that I can tell you.

Tonight I had a mixed salad with the lettuce, some kale, some zucchini, capsicum from last week, tuna – Yum!

I’ve heard from people that you can put your spring onions (that you’ve bought from the supermarket and have their roots still attached) in a glass of water or plant them into your garden and they’ll keep growing for you.  So I wondered if you could do the same with Leeks.

While I did my research:

Sprouting Leek

I put the end of the leek that I had saved in a saucer of water and read this and this which seem to support the theory that you can indeed save the end of your leek and grow another one.

As you can see mine started to sprout over the course of the last week (it was cut straight across at the lowest level so it did quite a bit of growing just in the water over a week).

So tomorrow I’m going to plant it and in-goodness-only-knows-how-long I’ll have another leek.  Well maybe two because I have another leek from this weeks delivery so I’m planning on doing the same thing to it.

I also bought a punnet of white pansies for $3 at Camberwell Market last week so they’ll be finding a new pot to go into tomorrow as well.

I need to find an excuse (or invite a bunch of people over) so that I can try out these recipes.  Firstly cinnamon scrolls that looked really delicious …. pop over here for a look and the recipe and this lemon poppy seed cake which was also showcased here this week.

For some weekend reading I recommend:

– this on strategic thinking,  and

– this to learn a new paper craft skill, and

this for some lovely words and photos, and

– this to learn some more about a grain that is alkaline, contains magnesium and a bunch of other good things and that I’m trying to add in to my cooking / eating more.




I substituted some millet flour into a cake recipe recently and it turned out really well.




and this site particularly if you’re going to knit something from a new pattern ….. I would have saved myself a lot of grief if I’d gone there first and discovered that a lot of others had tried the pattern and had to make a bundle of corrections because it was a really bad pattern!

I’m slowly moving on from that painful episode …… luckily it as a project for a small person who may or may not end up with something knitted from me since I now need to find a new pattern that works and looks as cute as the pattern which will not ever be mentioned again did!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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  1. Thanks for the link to Petal Plum – I love it!

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