Hardware Societe


I love it when work meetings are scheduled for places other than the office.

Enter Hardware Societe which is at 120 Hardware St, Melbourne.



If you wander down here you’ll find Hardware Societe … down at the Londsdale Street end


Go past Discurio




Love the tea cosy


Yellow crockery



Is it just me or is there something really cheerful about yellow crockery?





This was a really nice place for a meeting.  Breakfast hour is busy here but by 9.30 am it had quietened down and you can have a meeting and hear what the other person is saying.

Service was great and it has a really nice atmosphere.

It’s been too busy recently with one thing and another …. or maybe tumultuous is a better description?

This blog post about change has also got me thinking about things and about having faith that the next good thing is just around the corner.

I’m pondering on this article

I’m contemplating making a start on this scarf maybe in yellow or maybe in gentle green or Jacaranda?

I bought all the “ingredients” to make this homemade laundry powder …… but you need to grate your soap which is making me wonder if I should have separate implements for grating veggies and grating soap?

Which isn’t really logical since the soap should wash off after you finish grating which would mean its fine for grating veggies … there’s some illogical part of me that thinks I’m going to end up with soapy veg though!

I bought Dr Bronner’s lavender to use in my laundry powder which I got at my local supermarket but you can buy it online here.   The recipe says peppermint … but I really wasn’t sure about having my clothes smell like peppermint so I went with lavender.

Enjoy your Easter if you’re celebrating orthodox easter this weekend.

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