A short week has equalled a little (way) too much office time this week

This was a thought provoking read to start off the weekend.

I really want to do more photography so this had some good pointers for me on camera buying (the upgrade may happen one day ….)

This was a good reminder to move —- just move!

This has made me want to order some spring bulbs – maybe from here or here.
Update:  Here are some tips from a reader: and

My organic box had A P P L E S in it this week – they tasted like they had come off the tree about 3 minutes beforehand!  D E L I C I O U S!!!

Bobby Womack has put a song from his new album up on his website which you can download for free!  So I scooted over there, downloaded, listened to it (about a gazillion times now) and I think I definitely know that I now want the whole album!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

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3 Responses to Read-a-long

  1. Aunt Josefina says:

    I have ordered bulbs from Garden Express and was disappointed in the quality : maybe go for the Tasmanian option. I buy bulbs for my garden from a man in Riddell’s creek who grows his own on site.

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