Camberwell Market and breakfast at Collective Expresso


I walked past this tree just down the road from me yesterday and coincidentally this article about foraging for overhanging fruit was in The Age today



there are tons of pomegranates on the tree


they’re getting ripe!




which really is just an aside to the “real story” of the day which is that……… I went to the Camberwell Market this morning.

If you go here  you can click on the link for the google map showing where it is.  Basically in the car park behind the shops on Burke Road, Camberwell.

First stop though was at Cafe Moravia for a takeaway latte to consume as I wandered through the market stalls.

It was windy and hot – definitely not the best “market wandering” conditions AND I forgot my sunglasses (grrrrrrrrrrrr)!

During the week I was reading this blog entry and when I saw this dish today I knew what use I was going to put it to:

Vintage Glass Dish

It doesn’t have any chips and the lovely stall holder sold it to me for a complete bargain price of $2!

I also couldn’t resist this little milk jug and sugar bowl combo.  They’re really tactile pieces – the shapes are great.  I’m thinking I could eat my breakfast out of the sugar bowl.

Royal Worcester

There were three matching cup, saucer and plate combos with the jug and sugar bowl and those who know me will know that it was a  W R E N C H  leaving them behind because I do love a vintage cup, saucer and plate combo.

But in the interest of trying not to have so many things that it is just ridiculous – I Left Them Behind!

Then I moved on to Collective Expresso which is on Cookson St, Camberwell (off Burke Rd right near the train station).   Read The Age review here.

I think I was distracted by the heat because I completely forgot to take any photos – what’s with that?  I wasn’t happy with myself for that spot of forgetfulness!

Anyway this is a great little spot …. inside there is a long communal bench with stools each side (aka Gas in South Melbourne) and there are some tables out the front on the footpath.

The menu is written up on a blackboard.  I chose the fetta and avocado smash on sourdough with eggs (today the eggs were pre-boiled because they had sensibly made the decision to minimise the use of the stove) with a blueberry, apple and mint juice.

The juice was knockout fabulous – so good I had to have two.

My breakfast companion had lychee, apple and lemon juice with a beetroot, fetta and something else sandwich …. clearly I was so intent on gobbling down my triangle of excellence that I didn’t remember the rest of the contents of her sarnie……… whoops.

Someone nearby had the chicken pide which today was chicken and aisan slaw and it looked really good too.

The wait staff were great – prompt with water and didn’t “hover” just came and went at the right kind of intervals.

All up a really good spot that I’ll definitely be going back to.

Next weekend if you’re planning on going to any Melbourne Food and Wine Festival events I recommend this one  where the food trucks that can mostly be found in the Brunswick, Northcote etc areas are all going to be in the one spot serving up grub (think the taco truck, gumbo kitchen).

Maybe I’ll see you there!


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