25 February 2012 – Online window shopping aka things I’m coveting right now


Today is what I would class as ferociously hot!  I watered the garden early – I’m wishing for buckets of rain because the plants really need it.

So I haven’t been doing a lot at all ….. well I’ve been doing alot of internet surfing but not a lot other than that.

I’ve window shopped here admiring the pretty homewares including this felt trivet which would look very pretty under a tea pot.

Looked at books on Book Depository and Fishpond and am very tempted by this book which looks really interesting.

For some reason feeling like a new knitting project – maybe this or this – odd thoughts to be having when its circa 37 degrees outside!

My online surfing today also brought me to this recipe – which looks yummy!  It so happens that I have chicken, zucchini and some cheese in the fridge so if it cools down a little I’m cooking this.

If it stays hot I’m thinking about this for dinner – yes ice-cream is also known as health-food-for-summer 🙂  Pancakes could also be good ….

I’m also loving the Nourished Kitchen website recently … I think maybe my friend A put me on to that website (can’t remember …. ) they have some great recipes.  Like this one for Muffins that looks delicious and this one for grain free Shortbread (with a salted caramel glaze …YUM) and this one for breakfast porridge which is made with Amaranth, Quinoa and Buckwheat with ginger and blueberries.

How are you spending your hot days when it feels too hot to be doing much at all?


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