“World loses one of its most interesting men”

Has that grabbed your attention?

It grabbed mine!

If you read this article you’ll see that this gent was “apprenticed to a pirate” …. Seriously!  I always wanted to be a pirate … well when I was young.  When I really understood what a Pirate was the idea waned ….

He sounds a little bit larger than life … but I’ll betcha he would have been fascinating to chat to.

It reminded me of Pippi Longstocking … don’t ask why I have no idea why but Pippi and Pirates are linked in my mind!

But if you can’t find a pirate to have dinner with you can always grab my buddy NV who is full of vim and sass and always great to catch up with …….. She brings out the wicked in me 🙂

and then you go to Il Solito Posto 

Calamari @ Il Solito Posto




where you eat Calamari or

Beetroot Risotto






beetroot risotto










with a little nibble of bread on the side




and maybe a little tipple too












This one was late-ish coz work has been crazy … not even crazy-ish just plain crazy!

I’m hoping it comes back down to somewhere near sensible soon.

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