Random Ramblings – Saturday 11 February 2012


In Middle Park



Tonight, dinner is going to be a recipe found on the Portland Peeps blog – it’s beef with cheesy grits.  Am I from the deep south of America – No.  Do I know what a grit is?  No…

But all the same I’m makin this for dinner.

Well there will have to be some substitutions – for example I also have no idea what  chipotle peppers in adobo sauce are, so funnily enough they won’t be going into the pot.  At this point somebody is probably shaking their head thinking well there goes the essential ingredient for flavour!  🙂

It could well be a relevant question at this juncture to ask if I’m just going to cook a beef stew and not really follow this recipe at all ….. especially since I’m planning on dialling back the garlic, using a leek and using a fresh green chilli (without the seeds).

So, like I said, I’m making beef with cheesy grits for dinner 🙂

For some weekend reading Houzz have done a feature on homes in Australia … I love Houzz

Also L O V E Apartment Therapy and this article on Yarn Stash Storage Solutions  …. it looks so pretty.

You could also while away some time looking at this blog – where there are some seriously great photographs.

If you’re in the mood for a new knitting project – think about this or  this or just hop over to Ravelry and have a look for a pattern.  (You’ll have to sign up first .. it’s free.  A lot of patterns are free or some lovely “sharers” – is that a word – put up patterns for reasonable prices like $5).

I’d like to do this because it looks amazing but I think it might take forever to do the lace.

If you need yarn then head over here to Springtreeroad where there are some seriously tempting things on offer.

Have a good weekend friends

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