Australia Day 2012 and a spot of eating out at Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder


Vintage Wheels

This car was parked outside the Hawthorn Town Hall on Australia Day  – with a very patriotic looking teddy bear waving a flag sitting in the back seat.  Cool car huh.

Pat La Manna gave the best address of the day and 107 people became citizens.

I surprised myself by how emotional I found the ceremony – but then that could have been because a friend was becoming a citizen and it clearly meant so much to him and his family.

Moving on to the weekend …. Today I went to Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder for breakfast




My friend A was wearing the groovy hat… albeit it sat on the bench while we were eating

Scrambled with spinach





I had scrambled eggs with a side of spinach





A had the Baghdad Eggs

Sunny side up, lemon and cumin








with her flatbread on the side with a side of avocado

Flatbread with avocado










I hadn’t been to Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder for ages and ages and I came away feeling disappointed.

My breakfast companion was awesome and my scrambled eggs were good.  But really $5 for a side of spinach – it just felt excessive and truly it wasn’t like anything special had been done to that spinach.

Similarly A’s side of avocado was $5.  On Friday I bought 3 for $4 and they were organic!  So $5 for half?

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate that restaurants and cafes have got overheads and they need to pay their staff but the pricing now seems really out of whack for what they’re offering.

RHCL used to be a nice dining experience – I felt like I was going to a place that cared about the produce they used and what they were serving up (both in terms of food and dining experience).  Now maybe it was all just good spin but whatever it was it’s now gone and this dining experience left me hollow.

In addition to pricing that was out of kilter for what was served up, we had some difficulty with the wait staff – a small matter of “can the flatbread please be on the side not with the fried egg on top of it”?  Which truly I don’t see as being a big ask or one that is going to trouble the chef too much?

After my experience there this morning I wouldn’t rate them any higher than any of the other little run of the mill cafes along Bridge Rd.

So my fond love for RHCL has now gone ….. if you’re in the Richmond area looking for an eatery I’d head back to Swan St to Friends of Mine.




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