In love with …..

1. Melbourne’s bike share

Bike Share


Buy your helmet from one of these locations

$5 … bargain!

Ready for use

I have to confess there is no practical application here since I catch the people’s transport to work …. but I love it that Melbourne has the scheme and I hope they keep funding and expanding it.

2. Australia Day

and this random dude

Australia Day Garb



who has already started wearing his Australia Day Hat

or maybe he wears it year round

it looked fairly well worn




This was my (unsuccessful) attempt to get a better shot of the hat ….

Trying to get a close up








You can buy your own t-shirt or hat for the day from here

3. Tonights dinner



which was a dollop of jasmine rice, snow peas steamed for about 1 minute so that they were still a bit crunchy, a chicken drumette (not sure if that’s an accurate description … it was like the butcher had chopped off the end of the leg so it was chicken drum … without the stick) which I cooked with onion, lemon, lemon peel, pepper, chicken stock and a little bit of cornflour to thicken and a dollop of greek yoghurt.


4. Summer stone fruit …. particularly nectarines and peaches


White peach


You can probably see that my pot plants are looking a little forlorn … It’s been a busy start to the year.

I”m facing a crazy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I’m hoping that I can take Friday off for a 4 day weekend this week.  Then maybe I can get some new seedlings too.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I hope you all have a great Australia Day.


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