Some do it legal, some do it with guns

also known as incredibly interesting things one overhears!

What do you think they meant by it?

It got me thinking that I should come up with some “sayings” of my own to take me into the new year.

These won’t quite make people sit up, take notice and crane their neck on the tram wondering if you’re a lawless bandit (aka “some do it with a gun”) ….. But they’re things that I want to remember and live by in 2012:

  • Be kind;
  • Be thoughtful;
  • Say nice things to people;
  • Look for the beauty in all things;
  • Take pleasure in the little things as well as the big things;
  • Drink a lot of water every day (I keep forgetting to do this);
  • Sing – if not out loud then in your soul (it will make you feel glad);
  • Wear colours – pink, red, yellow, purple, blue, green, aqua, tangerine: Wear them all – they’re far more cheerful than black;
  • Pay compliments to people;
  • Exercise;
  • Look your best – it will help the world be a more beautiful place;
  • Be your best;
  • Say thank you sincerely when someone pays you a compliment;
  • Hang your clothes up;
  • Polish your shoes, then polish them again a few weeks later;
  • Listen to music;
  • Remember to do some random acts of kindness – the recipients are always thrilled that somebody thought of them;
  • Dance around the kitchen – be glad that you can move and that you have your health;
  • Be authentic – be true to who you are;
  • Remember that there is always love
  • Send handwritten letters and thank you cards.  People really do appreciate receiving them;
  • Try to help those less fortunate than you if you can do so;
  • Remember to listen and remember that those who don’t listen to you are not really your friends – they’re just self centred people that you know;
  • Keep a journal – writing it down can take the sting out of it, help you understand it, let your creativity grow,
  • Keep the house tidy (it will appreciate it 🙂 )
  • Try not to say anything negative – look for the good things first;
  • Read;
  • Wear sunscreen;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Balance work, play and rest;
  • Manage your resources wisely and share them wisely – your time, your energy, your emotions, your money;
  • Go the extra mile when you can – at work, at home, at play …..

What are you planning on living by in 2012?


See the beauty

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