Christmas ….. Seriously it’s nearly here!

Time has been running away from me again and oh look its almost the end of November … seriously people how did that happen!!!

It’s 9.31 pm and I just got home from work via Christmas shopping … Kmart is open until 10 pm in the lead up to Christmas……. yay!

The picture below is from Lazy Daisy Busy Lizzie which can be bought online from here and from Readings.  I’ve bought a copy for my godson and a copy for another small peep.

lazy daisy

Its a great book … cool pictures and it rhymes … gotta love a book that rhymes.

Tonight I went to Kmart where, this week, they have Harry Potter lego on sale …. tempted as I was to buy it for myself I didn’t – but I did buy some for one of my nephews who is way into Harry Potter at the moment.

I bought wrapping paper … for the presents that I haven’t yet bought 🙂

Christmas cards … because I’m ambitiously thinking that I’ll write and send them!

A toy for my godson that it turns out (according to the packaging) he is way to young for – whoops!

Some solar powered Christmas lights which I think I’ll string through the camellia bush at the front door where they’ll hopefully light up the night.

I still have a lot to do …. I really want to shop here and buy this or this or this or this …. (showing my love for Orla Kiely just a little huh) they could all easily be presents for me except of course I’m shopping for others … must remember that 🙂

Magnolia Square market is on this weekend (starting Thursday and open until 9pm that night) at Malvern Town Hall – I’m definitely planning on going along to try and do some of my Christmas shopping there.

I’m also thinking that I can open the decorations this weekend because it will officially be Christmas time …… sorta, kinda, well close enough to decorate anyway!

How are your preparations going?

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