Sunshine …..




This weekend it’s been both sunny and incredibly windy here in Melbourne!

Which feels amazing and



really it is amazing ….. that through some wholly natural process it’s either hot, cold, windy, rainy, snowing or like today sunny.

I don’t envy those who did the “around the bay in a day” today – I imagine the wind would have made it pretty hard going.

I planted rocket seeds last weekend and some have already sprouted – so they’re clearly enjoying the sun.  I didn’t think they would sprout so quickly.  The apple cucumber and snow peas haven’t shown their heads yet.

I planted tomatoes and lavender this weekend.  Having read recently that Lavender attracts bees I’ve planted some more so that I can help the bee population and help to pollinate my plants.

I also planted some perpetual spinach – it grows pretty easily and quickly and I’m looking forward to having salad just outside the back door.

I realised this week that the White Wedding Dress exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery closes on the 6th of November which means I’ve only got a couple of weekends to get organised and get up there!

I’m wondering if I catch the train will it be easy to get to the Bendigo Knitting Mill?  Or is it miles out of town?  Because if you go to Bendigo it seems a little crazy not to go and snaffle some wool from the Bendigo Knitting Mill.

Although I shouldn’t snaffle too much since I still haven’t worked out my mathematical conundrum on the Jo Sharp cardigan that I’m knitting which was clearly designed for the very long of arm.  It came from this book – which is currently on sale as a digital download on the Jo Sharp website.  They also offer some free patterns which you can download and print.

Although make sure you measure your arms before you start knitting 🙂

Maybe I’ll make that my goal for the week – work out the arm length knitting issue which regular readers may recall was my goal for February – Doing well non!

Have a good week!

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