9 October 2011 – a wrap up

This weekend has been amazing ….. after a lot of work going on, this weekend I did nothing except stuff I wanted to do!  🙂

I went for a walk around the streets where I live …. I plan on taking more photos to share soon.  The house below is down the street and around the corner …. well when you go around the corner you walk for a bit before you get to this house.

Bird House

With a bird house in a tree in the front garden …… cool huh.

And then if you go up another street
and then go left
and then walk for a bit
you will see this house with Mr Owl in the tree …. maybe this one is easier to keep than a real one?



The Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver were holding their annual fete.  I love spring fetes and fairs … I wish someone would set up a website which lists them all so that you could make sure that you didn’t miss out!

I bought cumquat marmalade,


Cumquat Marmalade

two plants and two books.


After the fair, I went to the nursery and bought averbena to make my own herbal tea, Italian lavender which is to attract bees to pollinate thezucchini (I bought a mixed punnet with three different varieties), some petunias and a pinkaquilegia.

Then I went for

Flower Power



a mani, pedi …. and they painted flowers on my thumbs – which I didn’t manage to photograph very well!

Its entirely frivolous and cute though.





Today I planted the verbena, aquilegia, lavender and some snow peas (from seed not seedling) and portuluca seeds (which are T I N Y and I hope actually ended up in the pot and not blown away).  I also planted some apple cucumber seed.

Hoping for a big harvest some time soon!

At my new home I share a driveway with the other townhouses and there are plants along the fenceline including

Red Rose


this spectacular little number!  It’s a really deep deep red with a heavenly scent.  L O V E it!

It’s Ride to Work Day this coming Wednesday – I won’t be participating because I don’t own a bike but this lady does:

Cycling Style

and looks pretty darn stylish as she goes about town!



Cant control shutter speed on an Iphone – if I could this picture would be a whole lot clearer!




If you’re partaking ride safely!

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