Home Renovations …..

So this isn’t my house,

Not my house

and neither is this

Not Mine Either

although I do like the look of both of them!

And this isn’t my dresser


And although it wasn’t meant to be this is fast becoming a post about things that aren’t mine!

I’m lucky enough to own a 1950’s dresser / sideboard that came from my grandma’s house.

It’s painted brown.

I’m not very happy about the brown.

It has clearly been brown for a very long  time … like since the 50’s!

It doesn’t really look like picture of the dresser above although it’s similar – but I’m wondering if I can make it look like that?

I went here for some tips on how to paint furniture because I’m’ thinking that maybe I can turn brown into creamy, off-white french country style dresser?

Those who know me know that home-handy-person is not my nickname but I feel a project coming on!

My dresser is a recognisable 50’s shape, the doors have a recessed area that could be painted a contrast colour or for some glitz have a little gold leaf applied?

Feel free to send me your suggestions…. You’ve got time.  I haven’t even bought the sandpaper or stripper to start step 1 yet!!!

This company makes paint in Victoria – is there any difference between house paint and paint you’d use to paint furniture?

As you can see I may need to do more research and learn a few more tricks before I become a fully fledged renovator.

In my new house there is a little lobby area as you come inside the front door and I’m thinking that once its painted and looking beautifully french country style I could put the dresser there.

Now I just need to find the time to actually carry out this project!

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