Melbourne from the tram

Its definitely getting lighter in the mornings …..

Another view from the tram

Albeit still looking a little  grey and drab

Lotsa Lemons

My “Lotsa Lemons” lemon tree (minature tree) finally had some lemons ripen.  I bought the tree about 18 months ago and it hasn’t grown much.  Last spring it was covered in masses of blossoms and I was really hopeful for a bumper crop.

But …. tiny little lemons formed and then they all, bar 3 tough ‘uns, fell off the tree.

Finally my 3 toughies have ripened!


I came upon this sorry sight recently … horrible day rainy and then a little bit more so and someone had obviously dropped one shoes and their socks …. I hope they came back – it looked like a fairly new shoe.

Such a dilemma – I wanted to be helpful and reunite owner and shoe and socks but there’s no way of doing so when you come upon something so random upon the street!

Zip zippy

I came across this when I was waiting for a tram recently – It was “parked” outside

The Watering Hole

the pub!

I couldn’t work out – did the owner need transportation to get about or did they drive their zippy little runabout down to the pub because they knew it would be needed for the journey home?

It made me laugh ……


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2 Responses to Allsorts

  1. B says:

    RE: The French Dresser project.

    Have you thought of Decoupage instead of gilt painting. I am sure the people who practice this art would be able to offer advice on types of paint best suited for furnitures ect.

    • Hadn’t really thought of decoupage ….. I’ve had a few comments now suggesting I leave this project to those qualified to do it. It seems people must think I lack in the practical skills …. watch out coz I’m thinking about painting the doors of the kitchen cupboards!

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