29 July 2011 – Normal service has been interrupted


Regrettably I forgot to take my blackberry home … which meant I had no alarm (mental note to self – Buy an alarm clock).

So I did what anyone would do (right?) I downloaded “alarm clock” for Mac …. ummmm yeah so I fritzed my computer by doing that!

I now have N O computer – it had a complete spack attack and has gone on strike.

Now we await the verdict from a genius from the Apple genius bar ……. breathing-slowly-trying-to-stay-calm

So regular posting will resume when the Genius gives back the Mac – hopefully in one piece and working again.

Meantime you could go here  http://www.craftfair.com.au this Saturday morning if you are up for a dose of fabric, crafty, quilty, sewing treats. 

Rumour has it http://www.quilters-barn.com will be there …. and if thats fact not rumour then thats a very good thing!!!! 

Then I recommend you head here http://www.amigos.com.au/index.asp for a little dose of mexican goodness with a margarita or three thrown in for good measure.

One hopes to be back soon … trusty lil computer in tow ……


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