Aqua and some yummy fish


Aqua - fish n chippy



Aqua is on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn (

They sell fish that you can take home and cook or you can pick up this menu and order something to be cooked on the spot for you.




Fresh fish


This picture doesn’t really do the fish display justice.

It all looked amazing – really fresh with a good range & I love that they go straight to this cabinet to take the fish out that they cook for you



There’s no platter of second rate stuff hanging out the back near the grill!


Eat in or out


You can eat in or out the front or take it away to have in front of the telly 🙂

If you look closely you’ll see that those mighty chocolatiers, Haighs ( are just across the road.



How awesome is that … you can order your main course and pop across the road while its cooking to get dessert.

Whats inside the box



Love the packaging ….







What kind of burger?




and the contents …. can you guess what kind of burger I ordered ?





Tuna burger



Correct if you guessed a Tuna burger!

Tuna, lettuce, tomato, red onion and lime mayo on a toasted bun

It was magic … I would probably ask them to cook the tuna a tiny little bit more next time.  The tuna steak for the most part was perfectly cooked but a few places were a tiny little bit too much like sashimi for me


Then I caught two trams to get home ….

Put some shoes on!!!


and on tram number one encountered this person on the left who clearly doesn’t mind if her toes freeze

and her friend on the right hand side had stonking great boots on but not much else ….



Its Melbourne kids and its W I N T E R!!!!   I had to resist the temptation to go and tell them to put some clothes on ….. Instead I went home and put the heater on!






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