Anne – Over here now, different tram route and all

Moving day came

I nearly died, yet here I am now telling you the tale ……

Dumped on a driveway


I forgot to take the “before” shots but here you see one of my armchairs unceromoniously plonked in the driveway – albeit with great care by my awesome movers.

Truck filling up …. fast!  At this point I already thought my possessions were multiplying.


Moving truck


Emptying out



and what was my home was starting to look more than a little disheveled




New home – at this point I was convinced and would have sworn on a stack of bibles that the boxes multiplied in the truck!

In that suburb over there now


I hadn’t eaten all day and I wasn’t sure if I was being affected by low blood sugar or it was just plain old shock (soooooo many boxes) so I headed over to Replete which is in a suburb adjoining my new suburb


Manna from heaven


and literally begged them to feed me!  FYI they stop cooking at 3pm so make sure you get there before cutoff!!!

Corn fritters, avocado, sour cream, istra bacon and poached egg on the side (the egg is not on the menu description of this item but I added it for a protein hit since this was brekky, lunch and dinner) later and I was feeling better.

Then I went back to my new home and had to swoon again at the thought of unpacking all of those boxes.

So I did things like plug in the computer and google for home decorating tips.  Noting that there are no pictures of houses with living rooms packed to the brimful with boxes – strange non?  But it’s an exciting new decorating concept – I’m sure it will catch on,

and I looked at  and for tips on what to cook in my new kitchen

and now, a few days later, the situation is not much changed 🙂

If I ever win tattslotto and if I’m ever foolish enough to think moving again is a good idea I’m hiring one of those companies where they pack up for you and then unpack – cannot imagine how blissful that would be!









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