A change of pace and cross town to the other side of the world …

Running away from home


I was talking to a work friend about possessions and moving house and she told me that if she, and I quote, “was to run away from home” all she would need is a couple of bags and her bike and she could ride away.

She amended that a short time later to say that she has a square table and some matching chairs that she’s pretty fond of and they wouldn’t fit on the bike …. hmmm!

But it stuck me that she is travelling through life a whole lot lighter than me.  As I’ve been packing up my life, getting ready to make a move, it has struck me that I’m not treading lightly in terms of how much stuff is surrounding me and thats AFTER giving the salvos a whole bunch of stuff.

I was really awed earlier this year when I read one of Sarah Wilson’s pieces where she spoke about moving and fitting all of her possessions into her car!  ALL of her possessions into a car … didn’t need removalists!

I need a man with a van …. so its lucky there is such a service!  http://www.manwithavan.com.au.  Albeit I suspect I need a man with a really big truck and a solution to things like new abode has built in robes, old one not so what does one do with wardrobes that are now excess to requirements.

Still thinking about putting mystery boxes up on ebay … it will save me unpacking at the other end and I can become a minimalist by force!!!

If I only had like 2 plates, 2 mugs, 2 bowls (one for me and one for “company”) I could have been done packing a whole lot quicker!

Anyway suffice to say I will not be fitting me plus all my wordly goods into one car.

Hopefully though some time soon I will have given the salvos another bunch of stuff and life will be a whole lot lighter.

On the upside I’ve found my cocktail glasses (hiding at the back of a cupboard up high) and I found some vintage art deco cutlery (again hiding up high in a cupboard) … ebay purchase never used.

Now I’m hoping that I remember to go home to the new place next week and don’t forget and come home to the current home.

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One Response to A change of pace and cross town to the other side of the world …

  1. MelbourneMigrant says:

    I’ve seen man with van in London as well. Chess will move you to “the other side of the world”, MWV may have to settle to the other side of.. or at least further upstream on the Yarra which in olden times may have been considered as a promotion.. becoming an upstream riparian and all.

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