Leona Edmiston is having a sale, The European and is it winter or maybe still autumn?

Looking more like Autumn than Winter

Walking to the tram it didn’t look much like winter in the morning, with the Autumnal coloured leaves there was an Autumn feel in the air.  So I missed my tram stopping to take a picture so I could share it here with you.

I wasn’t fussed about missing the Tram … it was chockers full and I loathe the experience of only having about 1cm squared of personal space to myself on the people’s transport.

Not so nice later on that day

But later on …. not so nice and definitely feeling like winter!  Although the city buildings look great lit up against the dark winter sky.  Not m best photographic effort but todays photos are all from the Iphone as the camera was at home.

The European


I finished work very very late but some colleagues were at the European (www.theeuropean.com.au) so I went to meet them there.

Healthy Dinner





This is my nutritious dinner 🙂

The sommelier picked a really yummy wine to go with it.




The menu looked great and all the dishes that I saw coming out smelt fantastic.  But it was late and I didn’t feel like a proper dinner so I picked the awesome spud to be my dinner.  Vegetarian option 🙂

Ending with Something Sweet



Followed by a cup of tea and some shared sweet treats – lemon tart and an apple something (part tart part pie)




Btw Leona Edmiston is having a sale – the Ruby range has been reduced and you can get a dress for $100!  Yay … so head on over to www.leonaedmiston.com to check out the frocks or straight to www.leonaedmiston.com/shop/category/leona-edmiston-ruby for the “Ruby” range.



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