Anne – For Andra who loves a lab

Go Away, I'm busy


There’s a few shops down the road and around the corner and every so often I see this dog out for a shop.

It comes down with its Master – without a leash because its such a well behaved dog.

It sits outside every shop its Master goes into and it basically puts its nose right up against the window or door and it doesn’t move until the Master comes back out.

If you want to go into a shop and its keeping guard you basically have to step over it or go around.


Stop disturbing me, I'm busy, I do not have time to talk to you


Its got good manners.  If you keep pestering it, puppers will finally relent and look at you – like in the photo above.

But if you try to get it to indulge in chit chat, you know an exchange of “woof woofs” it just gives you a look, well its more like a glare – its a very “Look Lady, I’m busy, I’m a one man woof woof and I don’t need to chat to you” kind of look.

Which is very sad because its a sweet looking little puppers and I’m sure it would have some interesting stories to tell.




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