Anne – “Nshry” in Albert Park

Right on the beach



This is the outside of “Nshry” ….. pronounced Noshery I suppose?

Right on the beach and I imagine, in Summer, it will be a great place to enjoy your food sitting outside in the sun.




View from outside



We sat outside and this was the view …. it was a dull kind of day so it doesn’t look as good as it usually does down by the beach.






I had prosciutto wrapped asparagus with goats cheese on toast topped with a tempura poached egg.

If you think this looks appetising bear in mind I went a little while ago now so the menu may have changed 🙂



Nshry ( is getting “airtime” only on the hope of future potential …. and maybe there I’m being ambitious.

Unfortunately my breakfast didn’t taste as good as it looks and the service was fairly ordinary (Note to waiting staff everywhere – those of you that heed the call and deliver coffee within 4 minutes are getting it right – the rest of you I’m going to snarl at…. Nothing personal just a lack of caffeine & nice doesn’t kick in until the first coffee has been drunk).

The bread was from a really average bakery and I think they’d benefit hugely by looking for a new supplier!  In reality the whole dish was a bit ho-hum, flavours not really sharp and whilst the tempura batter was cooked beautifully the egg inside was really undercooked (think still raw egg-white – Yuck!).

They’ve got a great location and the menu sounded interesting but unfortunately the execution left a lot to be desired.

But it hadn’t been open that long when we went so I’m hoping for improvement.  Really the only reason I’m putting it up here is that the menu sounded interesting and I’m hoping that they iron out the glitches.

The Melbourne Magazine was in The Age last Friday and it has a feature on the “top 30 cafes 2011” and I’m thinking about making a plan to eat my way through them!

If you didn’t get the Mag and you want to try some new places then try and find a copy – some of them looked and sounded really good!

Its also KOGO (Knit one Give one) season so if you’re a knitter with some spare wool in your stash and some time on your hands then go here  to find free patterns (if you need one) and the places where you can drop your knitted garments off.








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3 Responses to Anne – “Nshry” in Albert Park

  1. MelbourneMigrant says:

    KOGO sounds good and NSHRY sounds like they folded the vowels into the origami logo.. maybe if you unfold the missing letters will appear. and let’s be nice to everyone cooking toast for a living.. i think it’s harder than it looks and people need to be given credit for cooking it so it’s still warm by the time it’s served, and doing so without the need to ring the fire brigade (regardless how cute they may be). everyone in my building needs an induction lesson on cooking toast without setting the building alarm off… that’s another story. Love the blog!

    • I’ve been meaning to go back to see if they’ve got over the “teething” problems …. read your post on your visit and sounds like maybe they haven’t yet got it quite in sync.

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