Anne – Rockin that Dress so enough with the mean comments!

So If I hear one more snake disguised as a human criticise Pippa Middleton who completely friggin rocked that dress I’m gonna scream ….. just letting you all know in advance so please DO NOT come up to me and tell me she looked inappropriate, shouldn’t have worn white …. blah blah blah

I mean you’re all entitled to you opinion but please don’t share that particular one with me.


and this

and later on this

S M O K I N  H O T!!!!!!

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5 Responses to Anne – Rockin that Dress so enough with the mean comments!

  1. Caitlin says:

    I agree! On a side note, so does my husband and every other male on the planet apparently. There are over 20000 fans on facebook who have set up a page ‘appreciating’ Pippa. It’s only jealous, nasty and scorned women who attempt to find fault – but sadly, they are delusional 🙂

  2. Fifi says:

    I agree !! The entire wedding was perfection!! and by the way to all the people with the negative comments the bride would have chosen the colour of her sisters dress so if it’s ok with Kate then it should be ok with all of us – I know it’s ok with me!! Let’s just be happy for them it was a beautiful wedding!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Totally agree! Pippa looked amazing, such a beautiful family. Loved both dresses. Some people are just jealous and can’t stand to be complimentary!!

  4. Fred says:

    Smokin’ HOT is right! I’m happy for the lot of them! My favourite part of the coverage (that which I was glued to whilst in my trackpants drinking beer – no princess here!) was when two fat old gits (male) started on about how “risky” it was for Kate and Pippa to have gone for a spray tan on the day of the wedding, and how they might walk in looking orange! Their tone was incredibly disapproving and it INFURIATED me! Do they really think that given all the practice, planning and the fact that two modern women would have the process soooo down pat that there is no way it would go wrong!? It wasn’t even worth mentioning! What would they know about modern female grooming! I bet they have NO idea how much work goes in to get someone looking as fabulous as K&P. Having two pompous men publically and internationally criticising them on a point that they OBVIOUSLY had no idea about made me think what a hard job it would be to be Kate… (and her sister) Go girls – they are going to have to be very thick (and tanned) skinned!

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