Anne – Autumn

Autumn leaves in Boston


I’m an Autumn baby, baby!

I love Autumn.  Not this particular Autumn per se but you know those fab Autumns where you get crispy mornings and then beautifully sunny afternoons.  This Autumn is just starting to feel downright freezing …. and rainy which of course we love because we really really seriously do not want another damn drought!  Yep I am trying to convince myself as much as I am trying to convince you all to fall for that!

I love going for walks and seeing how the leaves are changing colour and how the houses and the streets are bathed in a different kind of light.  It makes me want a much better, crazypants awesome, kick butt camera that takes fabulous photographs so that I can show you all in much greater detail whats going on where I am wandering.

Baby beetroots are back in the shops (boil ‘em up, plunge in cold water, slip their skins off, mix with spinach, fetta, avocado, snow peas, some carrot, roasted pumpkin if there’s any leftover in the fridge and put some balsamico on top …. Yum on a stick!  Don’t skimp on the fetta)

I love seeing quinces at the market … I always think I’ll make quince paste but ummmm yeah it actually hasn’t ever happened yet.  They end up in quince and apple crumble quicker than they become quince paste…..and yes Yum on a stick applies to that too.

It feels like proper knitting weather … yep knitting has a weather – didn’t you know?  Even if its the kind of knitting that takes you online to hippie indi designers in the states or Canada who are hand dying amazing yarns which you then buy online and you then spend hours on Ravelry looking for the purrrrrfect project (coz of course they sell you like only one skein because they ration it and its like 925 yards long and you have to find a project to match … I mean what the hell is 925 yards anyway – how many metres and no I can’t mentally, in my head, do the arithmetic!  You do that too right?) and yeah then its bedtime and you haven’t cast on ….!  And just quietly if you don’t have a Ravelry account Why Not?  And get over there now and sign yourself up ….. Truly now, please, even if it means momentarily leaving me while you do it …. I’m sure you’ll come back 🙂


There was going to be another Autumn picture here … but ze computer is not liking the Upload function tonight … so you’ll all just have to use your imaginations or go and look in your own photo-albums – Sorry!


….. we pause now for an ad break while a few of you head over to Ravelry

dum, da, de dum, da dum

Soup season has started … I bought diced lamb on the weekend to make my morrocan-ish lamb soup.  I won’t say anything more about it because I’m aiming to do a foodie bloggie post where I take pics along the way so that you can all make it too.  It has chickpeas, lamb, lemon, chicken stock, ginger, coriander … other stuff that I can’t remember right now … the lamb is in the freezer just in case you’re all thinking why hasn’t she cooked that already … weekend was crazy busy thats why!

Boots … I keep seeing pairs that I could easily buy and skip home from the shops in.  The most amazing ones were on-line, snakeskin anklet boots with a super groovy spiky stiletto heel (an osteopaths best friend) … they looked Amazing!

But I couldn’t skip home in them because they were inside my computer…. where they have stayed because they were by a supersonically stratospherically expensive designer type person … Boo Hoo!!!!!

Really though I’m feeling morally obliged to buy them – I mean the only good kind of snake is a dead one and it seems a pity not to reward whoever went out and turned it from hideous hissy creature into a H O T  D I G G I T Y D O G and a W O L F pair of boots – Right (or is that just me again …? )

There was a more budget friendly pair of ivory anklets in a chain store in Melbourne … but my eyes have been spoiled by snakeskin …. and mock croc but thats a whole other handbag story 🙂

Leaves are falling

More hot chocolates are being consumed

Salads are disappearing from the menu all over town

Nectarines and peaches have gone for another year

I’m hoping that we get a few more of those sunny afternoons to skip about the park in.

I don’t love it that Autumn leads to Winter … but since Winter leads to Spring …. well … can’t really complain and I do love that we live in a city where the seasons are actually distinct from one another.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?











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