Anne – Babka and the BEST lemon tart in Melbourne



Lemon Tart is one of my favourite foodstuffs …. Well Lemon in general as a flavour is probably just about Number 1 on my list of favourite tastes.

I’ve been known to eat them like an orange or mandarin – people find that hard to watch, can’t imagine why 🙂



I went to Babka recently for some lemon tart which, by the by, is a great activity for a Saturday morning in Melbourne and trust me their serving size is big enough to be lunch – so you won’t need to order “lunch” and then have dessert.

Please don’t anyone alert them to that fact …. I love it that a piece of tart can serve as lunch!

Make sure you try the bread and the shoo-fly buns as well – they go Bazinga in the mouth!

Lemon Tart



So, It comes with cream,

With Ice-cream





or ice-cream

and no I didn’t eat two pieces I was there with a fellow lemon-tart-devotee.

It has such a perfectly caramelised top that it makes me want to own a blowtorch N O W so that I can do that too,

With a cup of tea




and it goes fabulously well with a pot of tea as you watch the crowd go by.





I hadn’t been down to Brunswick Street for a while … no real reason why not and having sampled the delights of Babka once again I realised I need to get down that way more often.

I went to Kleins Parfumery ( to pay a visit to all the fabulous things that live in that shop,

and to the Brunswick St Bookstore (, where if money were no object, I would go crazy and buy up about half the books in the store.  Then I would need to look pitiful and helpless outside and hope that somebody kind came by to help me carry them all home 🙂

I popped into Books for Cooks around the corner on Gertrude St – I want to find T H E italian cookbook – you know the one that everyone who cooks good italian food has in their cookbook library.  Unfortunately I don’t know what that book is called or who its author is – it’s a mystery waiting to reveal itself to me – so please feel free to pass on your recommendations.

Brunswick St used to be somewhere that I went quite often maybe because it was close to Melbourne Uni and I went there or maybe because a really good friend lived for a time on Smith St so it was a convenient meeting spot.  But now I don’t go there so much and I wonder if its because places have a time or if life just gets so busy that we stick to our immediate neighbourhood and we don’t travel a few km’s for a latte and a wander?

I’m thinking I need to start researching whats going on in all the ‘hoods so that I can become a secret spy and go and investigate all of Melbourne’s hidden gems – Don’t worry, I’ll report back here so that you all know whats going on all over town 🙂

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4 Responses to Anne – Babka and the BEST lemon tart in Melbourne

  1. MelbourneMigrant says:

    i have the italian cookbook. it has a silver spoon on the cover, and you’re more than welcome to borrow it, provided you can persuade the nice people at Chess to fish it out of storage.. maybe box 6, or box 28? i keep forgetting.

  2. Monique says:

    Heya – The book is called Silver Spoon, i have it and i love it, a great reference for all good things italian! buono

    • Thanks …. Sounds like this is THE books then …. thats two out of two who have put this up as book Numero Uno par italiano ….. I will have to get it!

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