Anne – 3 April 2011 – Friends of Mine, Swan St, Richmond

Friends of Mine

If you haven’t already done so venture down to Swan St, Richmond and go eat at Friends of Mine!

A welcoming corner


It’s on a corner – handy because you need both sides of the building to prop you up as you wait for a table 🙂


This place isn’t teeny tiny at all and by 10 am – chock full to the brim of hungry locals.




It’s clearly the spot to go at the Burnley end of Richmond.

Grapefruit Juice








The grapefruit juice was freshly squeezed and came in the cutest little brown glass bottles.

The food came and looked (and tasted) so appetising that I forgot to take a photo of it!


Would you like some felt with your bill?



The bill came in its very own felt cover … with a love heart.

I didn’t mind paying it at all 🙂




So if you haven’t been, make your way down there as soon as you can.




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