Anne – “Will you carry me?”

Yes, of course I will!

Especially if you are gorgeous and you’re by Furla or Rebecca Minkoff, to name but a couple!!!

Honestly what are thinking of, sending me emails with titles like that containing pictures of fabulous handbags with the word “Sale” lurking in there too?

Really people, what are they thinking?  I am a girl who is trying hard not to be tempted and that is A B S O L U T E L Y not helping!!!

I was going to lift a few of the pictures of the fabulous things they had on offer and put them up here but then I thought all of you, out there in cyberspace, might swat me over the head for trying to tempt you too.

So instead of tempting you with Handbags go here

This site sells bamboo toothbrushes which are completely biodegradable & they’re cheaper than the plastic ones from the supermarket.  So at circa $4 a pop I think maybe I’ll get tempted by these instead of a fabulous new piece of leather which wants to be carried around town!

Or maybe a doggie-pup?

Just as desirable as a handbag?

If there hadn’t been a person on the other end of that leash I might have stashed this little critter in my handbag and brought him home 🙂



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