Anne – Cafe Sweethearts, South Melbourne

Kippers ... Really!!!

Kippers …. Cafe Sweethearts have Kippers on the menu.

Co-blogger ordered them & said they went Kapow in the mouth.

Co-blogger is currently incognito … I think she’s saving her words up for a Big Bang piece of writing somewhere, sometime!



Blueberry Pancakes



I had blueberry pancakes with hazelnut butter and maple syrup.

Seriously Good!  They make them with Oat flour.

Then we went for a little wander in and around the streets of South Melbourne.




How many smiles per hour in your zone?



I love these signs.

I first saw them on St Kilda Road and they’re also on Coventry St.

We were in a 7 Smiles per hour zone … How many smiles per hour in your zone peeps?




Liver Pills anyone?



I Love this sign.

I wonder what these pills did for your liver or maybe more accurately what did they do to your liver?





There’s change afoot in my world at the moment.  Exciting change and I think its going to be a good change.


I wonder what it is about change, even a change that you actively sought out, that makes for a nerve wracking time?


Maybe thats just the nature of change – it opens up your world in a different way and makes you grow and expand (or run and hide if its a really challenging change).


Change makes me hopeful – I think every time there’s a really big change it feels like a chance to renew and refresh, to make things that were ho-hum go Va Va Voom … you know what I mean?  Well neither do I entirely but I know when things change it can feel like a chance to make everything completely tickety-boo all over again.


Yep that would be lashings of T I C K E T Y  B O O coming my way!

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