Anne – 19 March 2011 – Ta da …Finally!!!

Mystery flower


Don’t you love it when the unexpected happens?

Ages ago, like maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I bought this bulb, rhizome whatever it is … so long ago now I can’t remember what it was classified as….. Maybe it was a summer lily?

I can remember that the packet said it would grow leaves, which would then die down, then a flower would come.  Well for about 3 years or more (which due to the anticipation has felt like about T E N!!!) green leaves would grow, then they would die down and then …… N O T H I N G!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely nothing … then the next year, more greenery would grow and die down.



I really don’t know how this little critter survived because generally it’s survival of the fittest in the pot plant garden and space is not wasted on under performers!

This year a miracle happened!

I came out one day recently and nearly fell over when I saw that something had grown and that something looked like it might be a flower ….. see the photo above.

Which opened up into this:

In full bloom

Well worth the wait!  This unexpected beauty made me smile.

Has anything unexpected happened in your life recently?








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2 Responses to Anne – 19 March 2011 – Ta da …Finally!!!

  1. josefina, aunt says:

    Dear Anne,
    Hullo from the cool country. The lily in your photo is currently blooming in my garden : it has many names : amaryillis, naked lady, belladonna lily. It first produces leaves that that help produce the flower for next season and can take a few years to get going. The leaves that come after this flower will help create next year’s flower and so on and on …Congratulations ! I think your blog is lovely, and am hoping to start my own on this part of the world. Au revoir.

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