Anne – 14 March 2011 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s got the grooviest mirror ball of all?

Behind the Black Door



My cousin who lives around the corner from Upper-Kick-A-Stick-Along (that’s in New South Wales for the purposes of this discussion) bought a Mirror Ball!

The Mirror Ball resided in the big smoke, kinda just around the corner from me … behind the Black Door!





The back streets of Richmond have changed somewhat since I last trawled through them.

There are now fancy-pants office buildings like this one!



Hello Mirror Ball


And there are Mirror Balls like this!

Which thankfully fitted into the back seat of the car.

I now have a mirror ball in my house!  Ummm yeah so Mel thought she bought a glitter ball – But I’m thinking about suspending it from the ceiling in the spare room 🙂




And putting on these shoes and you know kinda having a little dance off …. you can come if you’re dressed to the nines and smokin hot 🙂   Coz you know with a Mirror Ball it’ll be that kind of party!

Party Heels

Too high too dance in?

Although really what I’m thinking about is

– what did Mel buy it for?

– Is it for a party that I can come to wearing these shoes?

See they’re pretty glam and party style heels.



Or is it just for a little private Disco Montego party action down there in Upper-Kick-A-Stick-Along?



Shoe Option No. 2



Depending on what dress I wear to this possible party these are also possible shoes … Does that make sense to anyone but me?

My friend Nat (Mumma to my gorgeous godson) & I both bought a pair of these shoes on the same day and then took them out for some champagne!



Well we drank champagne not the shoes – they just sat on the table and were stroked 🙂

Hello shoe-fetish – I see you haven’t gone away…..



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3 Responses to Anne – 14 March 2011 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s got the grooviest mirror ball of all?

  1. MelbourneMigrant says:

    Option 1 all the way. Never too high to dance in. Maybe too high to walk or jogg in but never too high for a swirl and a shimmey

  2. josefina, aunt says:

    …I think they are still hanging out for the presence of that ball in Upper-Kick- A- Stick-Along …

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