Anne – 2 March 2011 – Do you know where you’re going?

Going down the path


Today I went for a walk after work and I encountered an Orienteering Club – I didn’t even know such things existed – anymore?

Maybe I just hadn’t thought about it but there I was going for a walk near the Yarra and all of a sudden there were masses of people all running and jostling for position and heading for little markers and carrying maps and some even had compasses!

I thought it was very organised of them all to have left work and gotten their groove that together that they were out Orienteering by 6.30 pm on a weeknight.

I suspect I encountered The Group of Melburnians who have got “work / life” balance sorted … they must have right?  If they’re out Orienteering early in the evening on a “school night”!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday!


PS: Photo is from Central Park not the path by the Yarra in Melbourne … I didn’t have my camera with me so I thought I’d share this picture of the path in Central Park instead!

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