Anne – 25 February 2011 – Summer days

Table Ornament


Tomorrow is meant to be 29 degrees … a few weeks ago on a nice balmy evening I went down to The Millswyn (which is on the corner of Millswyn and Domain Roads) with a friend who was visiting from London.

The Millswyn for those who haven’t been around South Yarra for a bit is located in the building where Lynch’s used to be.




We started with some water and some admiration of the flowers.




Although really I was admiring like crazy the uber fabulous pink Vivienne Westwood ( suit which my friend had bought in London.





Then we moved on to Pimms!   (’s)

Very refreshing on a nice evening.

If tomorrow is as nice as they’re forecasting then I’m thinking it will be another good afternoon for sitting out the front at the Millswyn drinking a Pimms.




But before then I’ll be heading over to Fur ( in Prahran for a long overdue haircut.









I saw that an apartment was advertised for sale in this building – Montalto – which is not far from the Millswyn on Marne St.  So time permitting I’m planning on attending the open for inspection.



Doesn’t it look like a nice building to live in?

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday-morning-in-Melbourne.

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