Anne – 19 February 2011 – Home is where the heart is or the heart is where home is?

Down by the Beach

Today I went “house shopping” with a friend.  It seems like it’s always a hard task – looking for a new place to call your home.

I’ve had a few friends start their search for a new home recently – some because leases are up, or its just time to move and a couple because of marriages ending.

So I’ve posted a few different “options” here of places that have caught my eye at one time or another …. just for some housing inspiration 🙂

Tucked away

It got me thinking though … What are the most important things in a home?

Does it become a home because you live there, move your furniture in, put your pictures up and you make it your home?  Or does it become your home because you like the physical structure, the suburb its in and you’ve become attached to it?

Near the Jacaranda Tree

Does it need a garden?  Or do you like low maintenance?  Does the suburb matter more than the structure of the house?

Do you, like me, love the fact that every year as the seasons change you see the same, yet different, changes in your neighbourhood.  Like the Jacaranda in the photo above … which just keeps getting taller and taller and flowers so beautifully.


Somewhere with a tower?

Somewhere in Paris

Looking at houses and talking with a couple of friends about moving got me thinking about change and how hard that can sometimes be.

I was thinking about how every so often I say things like “I’d love to live in Paris for a year – 6 months on the left bank and 6 months on the right bank” – I say the same thing about New York and Italy – there are a number of places in Italy that get the “I’d love to live in … Positano, Florence, Rome, Lake Como….”

Then it occurs to me that I’ve lived in my current home in my current suburb for nearly 10 years!!!

So how am I going to go in a foreign city with minimal french?  Or in Italy with “Ciao” and “Bella” and “Comare” and “Nonna” as the sum total of my Italian!   And moving after only 6 months … I shudder at the thought of packing up my home now, the thought of doing it after I’d only be somewhere for 6 months – hmmmm.

A Little Yellow

I’ve been thinking about how there’s so much to fit into your life and how you will never really know in advance how many years there are going to be in your life.

So given there’s so much to experience does it make sense to live in one suburb, let alone one country, for so long … or should I and everyone else be spreading their wings and flying about the world a little bit more?

It’s a newish thought and I’ve been pondering on it this week.

The thought of moving can be really appealing – you can experience a different style of architecture, paint the walls a new colour, find new cafes ……. but then there’s comfort in being in familiar surrounds, knowing where the good cafes are and which bakery is the best.

I remember when I was at high school there was a girl I knew who used to catch the tram at the same tram stop as me and we’d chat in the mornings on the tram.  I ran into her years later when we’d both finished University and she told me that she was just about to get married and she and her fiance had bought a house in Kew.  Apparently her mother, her grandmother and her great-grandmother and now she in turn, had all lived their whole lives in Kew!

Great on the one hand to live in a nice spot your whole life … But are you really experiencing all that there is to experience in life if you don’t so much as move suburbs?

Obviously different things suit different people but I wonder if we can ever work out what suits us if we don’t try different things?

What do you think?  Do we throw it all in and head for Paris or cling to the security of the known and the comfortable?

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4 Responses to Anne – 19 February 2011 – Home is where the heart is or the heart is where home is?

  1. Fifi says:

    Mmm food for thought – and here’s another little something to ponder… If not now – when? I often think ” what am I waiting for?” it’s it because I’m scared of what it would actually be like to live in Paris, not scared in the physical sense but rather – what if it doesn’t live up to the romantic , exciting vision in my head? Then what ? But as they say- you won’t know until you try and ,after all life is very short and time is passing very fast!

    • Hi Fifi, the timing question is a good one. I often wonder what I’m “waiting for” or “when” will be the right time … which is why I wonder if sometimes we just need to leap and trust that it will be all that we want it to be. Or maybe we need to go with no preconceptions and just let the experience unfold and appreciate it for what it is not for what we thought it might be? hmmmm … now there’s more to think about

  2. MelbourneMigrant says:

    there is a difference between ‘moving’ to.. and ‘living’ in…so you could still go and live in Como or Positano or Florence or ….Paris, without moving everything with you. try before you buy type thing…

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