Anne – 5 February 2011 – 1/12 gone & controlling the busy-ness

A little too busy?


One of my new colleagues has TWO Blackberries and a mobile phone ……!

I’ve been out of the corporate world for a while.  Coming back to it I’ve realised that there’s alot that is very wrong challenging me 🙂 with the way the Corporate World operates.  I’ve given Corporate World capitals because I’m starting to think its actually another universe!

I think its a whole other post though because I’ve got a fair bit to say on that topic.


An oval in Brighton after the Friday night storm


I was driving down New St in Brighton yesterday and I had to stop the car and get out to take this photo.

The oval had flooded after the heavy rain on Friday night.  There were seagulls swimming in the new “lake” and the kids from the school had set up an impromptu water slide.


The kids and the seagulls were having a ball – Instead of worrying about the excess of water they were all enjoying it.  It was a pleasure to watch it.

Lindt Blueberry Intense


Yesterday I discovered this along with the mama of my Godson …. I don’t know how I haven’t come across it before (unless maybe its new and I’m discovering it along with the rest of the world)?

If you haven’t tasted this yet and you like both blueberries and almonds then go and buy some –  it was sooooooo seriously good!

The Godson has grown more – he’s swapping from baby into toddler.

He’s stinkin cute!


It’s been a busy weekend so far.  Out Friday night and out Saturday day and night and out for a bit today.

Now I’m trying to do all the “chores” before the working week begins.

This weekend I’ve been thinking about the fact that we’ve already ticked over into February and One Twelfth of the year has gone – Already!  In some ways I feel like its run away from me – you know like somebody or thing that has run away from home before you got to enjoy it.

I’ve decided I need to come up with a goal for every month to try and not let the months slip by.  I want to feel like I’m achieving something tangible for the projects that I’ve got going on.

So for February its M A T H E M A T I C S!

Well I’m not sure if it fits entirely within the definition of mathematics it might be more construction or engineering.  Anyway here it is….  I started knitting a cardigan a few months back.  It’s a Jo Sharp pattern and I’m using a gorgeous yarn.  It’s watermelon pink … at least that’s what I’m calling it.  When I finally post some photos you can decide for yourselves if that is an accurate description.

Front and back went swimming well and the first 1/2 of the sleeves went well … then I realised that because I’m a bit on the short-i-cus side of tall that this cardigan is in fact going to be kinda super long on me.

So I need to do some M A T H E M A T I C A L   C A L C U L A T I O N S for the sleeves – I need to shorten them by at least 2 – 3 inches….. maybe more?  Which in the ordinary course of things, for example if you were doing “regular” sleeves, wouldn’t be so complicated.  But for this cardigan the sleeves are shaped and flare out at the wrist …. hence the need for me to do some proper thinking and working out of how many rows to take out …. or perhaps get my arms to grow a little – now that would take care of this problem!

This little conundrum has been staring at me for months and I’ve been avoiding it – so I’ve decided that February is the month to tackle it and solve it.

Hopefully I can then finish the sleeves and do the band and then I can put up some pictures of the finished cardi.

So there’s my February challenge – what’s yours?









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4 Responses to Anne – 5 February 2011 – 1/12 gone & controlling the busy-ness

  1. MelbourneMigrant says:

    I think the idea of 12 goals a year and one per month, and think you should copyright it lest Oprah gets her hands on it! I, for one, am going to use it. The passing of 1/12th makes me quite sad actually so the goal setting is a very constructive approach!

    • I wonder if I can patent it or get some sort of copyright … maybe I could write a book on the topic! Maybe I’m getting carried away. I was a bit horrified that January had disappeared so quickly & that made me think about what I could do to make sure this year didn’t fly by and leave me wondering what I’d done and what I’d achieved. Will the Diss be your February goal?

  2. MelbourneMigrant says:

    on reflection maybe we need an entire month (Jan) to sort out the remaining 11 12ths… ?

    • I think thats a good idea … we could take the whole of January to come up with the plan for the other months … only we’ll have to start that next year coz we’ve clearly missed the boat for 2011 – we’ll have to do this year on the fly!

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