Anne – 29 January 2011 – A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Potential New Home?


This morning the Melbourne Girls (yep that would be your very own correspondent and her co-blogger) went hunting-for-a-house or even just a pied-a-terre.  One of us needs a little somewhere nice and cosy to live.

Light filled, deco features, cheap …. you know we want all the usual things!

We saw this building on our travels.



I wish my street was a Mews


Which was not far from here … The George Mews.

Don’t you just love a Mews?  I don’t know why but it sounds pretty cool – maybe because I’ve lived on a “Street” for so long.  I’m hankering after a Mews.  Not just any old one – it would have to be a nice one with a groovy little plaque like this.


What's going on behind the red door?

Mirror Mirror on the door










These places were not far from the Mews.  I love the Red Door.  I’m imagining that it would be a fun household in there, behind the Red Door!

I could be wrong, they could just be ho-hum and living a fairly pedestrian existence … but the Red Door makes it look like T H I N G S  G O  O N  I N  T H E R E!  What do you think?

Paradise for foragers

Hello Kitty


We stumbled upon this tree laden with unripe fruit.  Oh hello there lovely tree and your bounty of unripe cling peaches.

So I have a new stalkee (does such a word exist?).  I will now be prowling round and about and near this tree until the fruit ripens and then I’ll swoop!


Can you tell I’m just a tiny little bit excited?

We also made friends with Kitty-Cat.

This sweet little “I’ve got four white boots on, don’t I look smart”, pusskins was loitering about the street and stopped for a chat.

She was a poppet!



Our next stop was cross-town for some food at the Armstrong St foodstore – a great spot to think about the pro’s and con’s of properties seen and thrash out life’s big issues (more on that later … 🙂 )

They let me order a dish, that is one of their specials, that is not always on the menu.  It was cornbread with goats cheese, some rocket and poached eggs on top – seriously good!!!  Can you all please go there and order it and then maybe they’ll put it on the regular menu.

Another colourful door


Is it the year for colourful doors?

We saw this one when walking the streets near the foodstore – its a great shade and I’m not sure that the photo does it justice.  I forgot my camera today so I had to take photos using the Iphizzle.

It was purple but not to bright maybe it had a touch of gun-metal grey toning it down … Don’t know but I really liked it.



Blue Swing


So if you go past the blue swing up the street and you go left and then you go left again and then you and your co-blogger stop for a chat by the side of the road near your cars … unexpected things can happen!

There was a fairly unprepossessing looking van parked near to where we were chatting.

And chatting and chatting and chatting and chatting …. mostly girl talk, I wont bore you with it 🙂



So imagine our surprise when, after we had been chatting for a not inconsiderable amount of time, the side door of the van was pulled back and the modern day equivalent of the Malboro Man swung himself off his bunk bed and out of the van!!!

He’d been having a snooze.

He’d had a big night out the night before (it was circa 2pm in the afternoon).

He was off for a swim in the sea.

He was going out again tonight.

He’s travelling around Australia in his van.

And clearly unwittingly eavesdropping on the Melbourne Girls who were having a gasbag outside his bedroom window …. covering the big topics, you know Life, Love, The Universe … not the small stuff.

I wanted to ask him for a photograph to post on here but co-blogger expressed the view that, since part of our conversation had been Life and Love, maybe I’d better not in case I gave Marlboro Man the wrong impression!

Fair point 🙂

Hello Marlboro Man – Just in case you’re a follower of ours.

So peeps a word of advice, if you’re loitering on the side of the road having a conversation, look out for vans which double as homes parked nearby – especially if the windows are open!

On the topic of Love I recommend you go over here for a visit.   Relyn writes at “Come Sit by my Fire” – it’s a  great blog and this post is especially full of love and life.

I’ve had a great Saturday.  I hope you all have too.

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