Anne – Australia Day – 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day!!!!

Today I’m grateful:

– for a part of the world where we have enough food to eat and fresh clean running water
– for parks and gardens for us to roam in
–  for a place to live
– for great friends who are close by
– that we don’t live in a war zone
– that there is good public education available
– for a Godson who grows cuter by the day (yeah I might be biased)
– for my little friends R and H who also grow cuter by the day
– for farmers markets that come to the city so that we can buy our produce from the growers
– that I have work & can pay my bills 🙂
– for my awesome cousins
– for public transport (yeah its not perfect but at least we have it)
– that I can read and write and I have books to read
– that I have a great bakery just down the road
– that the beach is not far away

… for all the things that make life in Melbourne what it is.  Right now it feels like its the best place to be!

Shortly I’m heading to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne ( for an APEC (that would be A Perfect Excuse for Champagne …) conference with my friend Andra who is visiting from London.   Admittedly its a little too early in the day for the Champagne but we’ll call it an APEC occasion nonetheless.  A is a great friend who used to live here but has decamped to UK for a bit.  It will be a very good day when she decides to leave them and return to us.

I hope you all have a great day today.

I hope as a nation we can remember that for the most part we arrived here unannounced (to the indigenous population) and stayed and prospered.  Maybe thats something we should remember now when we seem so determined to turn others away from our shores when they arrive in desperation hoping for refuge.

I hope today we can all open our hearts to those who are in need and share what we have with them.

But for all the immigrants we wouldn’t have all of the amazing food and other cultural delights that this City has.

I’m so glad I have that diversity.  I hope you are too.


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